Similan Island

Underwater it is full of rock formations and coral reefs in several shapes and forms, resembling such things as deer, leaves, brains, and mushrooms.

Phi Phi Island

We will take you to world re-known 'heaven on earth, Phi Phi Island

Racha Island

Water clarity and visibility is some of the best in Phuket. The water has a turquoise color and has a lot of marine life.

Nonthasak Marine Co.,Ltd.

Oldest established speedboat company in Phuket with 25 years of experience.

Welcome to Nonthasak Marine is the oldest established speedboat company in Phuket with 25 years of experience.

It has been on operation since 1990 and has the largest fleet of speedboats in Phuket.

All the boats have been built in their own manufacturing facility that also has extensive engineering capability to ensure the reliability of the fleet.

The design of the boats is constantly updated to suit the conditions experienced during operations in the tropical waters around Phuket. The boats are designed to provide the highest level of safety and reliability combined with the power and comfort required for long trips to the islands around Phuket.

Nonthasak Marine also has the most experienced captains most of whom have more than 7 years experience. For your safety and comfort the number of passengers carried is well below the approved capacity of our speedboats. You can relax and enjoy the wonderful scenery on the Islands around Phuket with clean white sands and crystal clear water with an abundance of coral and beautiful marine life.

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